Samuel Bassett

  • In Here Together

  • Laying at Mans Head

  • Moving Inland

  • Shadowed Down Carbis Bayn

  • With Fish and Black Flower


About Samuel Bassett

Born in 1982, St Ives, Cornwall.

Samuels stories are drawn from his own experience, family lore and snippets of news from wider contemporary issues.

With nuanced vulnerability and an expressive, experimental hand, Samuels psychologically layered works consider the human condition and our place within contemporary life.

His sensitive, questioning introspection and emotional flip flopping means nothing is too obvious or pretty. Self portraits merge with real and imagined characters, becoming emotionally adapted to each story.

His work often feels like it is questioning itself. Blurred recollections combine with the joy of painting to make images that have longevity and a strongly recognisable yet ever transient voice.

A gregarious and engaging character his mind nevertheless seems to be questioning the bigger, harder issues, flitting excitedly between concern and celebration.

Samuel Bassett is represented by the Vigo Gallery , London.

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